Foreign Policy wrote a piece on how Lviv is fighting corruption and the role of Governance & Integrity in that fight:

“Samopomich, and specifically its fixation with corruption, are precisely why Geraedts is in Lviv. He and his colleague, Ruud Meij (also a Dutch philosopher, also grey-haired, but more reserved, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat), are on a pro bono assignment from their firm, Governance and Integrity Nederland, to instruct employees of the city government how to cultivate a mysterious yet vital quality called “integrity.”

Geraedts and Meij first came to Lviv three years ago after concluding that it offered fertile ground for their ideas. Sadovyi was looking for a way to get beyond the dysfunction of the city hall’s bureaucracy, dominated by local power brokers and virulent nationalists. Geraedts and Meij seemed to offer a suitably unconventional solution. The mayor’s chief of staff at the time, Oleh Bereziuk (now the leader of the Samopomich fraction in parliament), recognized this and brought them onboard.”

Read the entire piece here


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